Hope Street Group Teacher Fellowship Opportunities

Hope Street Group currently operates Teacher Fellowship programs in six states and one locality. Fellowship applications for Hawaii, Kaua'i, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee closed in February 2017. New Teacher Fellowships that accepted applications for their first cohorts in April 2017 are Arizona and Utah. We encourage you to check back here at the end of 2017 for information about Fellowship openings in early 2018!

The Hope Street Group Teacher Fellowship provides teachers with the opportunity to develop relational, communication and data collecting skills in order to better understand and make a meaningful contribution to the design and implementation of education policy - without leaving the classroom.

 Hope Street Group Teacher Fellows are classroom teachers and instructional coaches who are leaders among their peers. They want to develop strategic, practical solutions that address public policy challenges related to education. They participate in meaningful online and in-person dialogue with other outstanding educators to share their experiences and advocate for education policy changes. Values of the Fellowship programs include:
Leadership: Teacher Fellows learn about the characteristics of leadership and how to take on increased leadership responsibilities in their roles in education.
Education Policy Process and Design: Teacher Fellows meet with policymakers and decision makers at the local, regional and state levels to learn about how education policy is made in their state.
Building Relationships: Teacher Fellows are expected to build trusting and reciprocal relationships with decision makers like principals, superintendents, teacher association leaders, and political representatives. Hope Street Group provides professional learning for Teacher Fellows on the intricacies of professional networking and coaches them in proper communication techniques.
Data: Teacher Fellows learn the importance of data collection, analysis and usage for making policy decisions. In particular, they learn the HSG Data Collection Process for improving state education and will understand the role of a teacher leader to shape decision making process through the usage of teacher perception data.
The Hope Street Group Fellowship provides opportunities for teacher leadership and professional growth. 
 Teacher Fellows serve as conduits for educators' ideas and perspectives. Fellows have opportunities to broaden their understanding of the state education policy landscape; learn face-to-face and virtual communication skills; and receive support to write blog posts, op-eds and letters to the editor. They meet directly with local, regional and state policymakers to share the views of educators and to present educator-generated solutions to problems of practice. They also participate in statewide and national events for teachers engaged in teacher voice work.