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Kaua'i Local Teacher Fellowship (HI)

Application open December 19, 2016 through February 1, 2017
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Download this information to PDF: Kaua'i Local Teacher Fellowship (HI)

The Hawaiʻi State Teacher Fellows on Kaua'i sponsored by Hope Street Group are recruiting, in partnership with Complex Area Superintendent Bill Arakaki and Kaua'i principals, a cohort of teacher leader representatives from each Kaua'i public school to become equal members of an island leadership team to work collaboratively around a complex area initiative.
What is the purpose?  The intent of this project is to more directly add teachers’ voices to leadership conversations focused on solving pressing issues related to the public schools on Kaua'i and to continue to build leadership capacity at the teacher level.
Who are we looking for? We are looking for one public school teacher leader from each public school on the island. Participating teachers should meet the guidelines and exhibit the qualities described below.
Selected teachers must exhibit the following qualities:

  • Exude passion for what they do;
  • Operate from a solutions oriented and growth mindset;
  • Open their doors to colleagues, families, and communities, and;
  • Advocate for their students.
Established teacher leaders may be:
  • Serving in hybrid roles as teachers, mentors, coaches, and leaders of specific initiatives in their school buildings.
  • Providing instructional leadership as department chairs.
  • Leading professional development in their buildings and school systems.
  • Advocating for the needs of their students and profession through teacher voice networks, social media, and other platforms.
  • Advancing in their craft by becoming national board certified or designated as state teachers of the year.
  • Partnering with central leaders to co-create and design solutions, policies, and professional learning that impact the classroom.
What does this position entail and provide? Teacher Leader Representatives will be responsible for gathering and disseminating information at the school level with teachers and students as well as for participating in quarterly meetings/workdays with principals.
This is an 18 month opportunity from February 2017 - May 2018. You will be required to attend:
  • 5 quarterly principal meetings during this 18 month period (tentatively scheduled in the months of 4/17, 8/17, 11/17, 2/18, and 5/18) and;
  •  3 additional training and PDs that will take place during the principal meetings or on a weekend.
Teacher Leader Representatives will be provided with release time to attend the required meeting and professional development opportunities/trainings as part of this cohort include:
  • An invitation and travel scholarship to attend the 2017 ECET2 (Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teachers and Teaching) conference from March 4-5 on Oahu with 100 other Hawaii teacher leaders nominated from across the state
  • Training in Teacher Leadership skills such as communication and facilitation
Timeline for SY 2016-17:
  • January: Application Window - applications due on January 20, 2017
  • February: Notification of acceptance, PD
  • March 4,5: ECET2 (Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teachers and Teaching) Conference on Oahu - travel costs provided
  • April: First Principal Meeting

*Please note: this is a separate opportunity from the Hawaii State Teacher Fellowship Program which works statewide.

To create a Kaua'i Local Teacher Fellowship application, create an account by clicking Sign Up below:

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Components of online application:
1.  Personal/Background Information
2.  Narrative Questions - Applicants will prepare responses to three questions about their qualifications for the fellowship (see below for questions)
3.  Resume
4.  Expression of Support from your school or Complex Area administrator for participation in the program (requested, and completed via checkbox, in application)
Narrative Questions:
Describe a time you showed influence among your peers and how this experience contributed to your professional growth and/or that of your school or community. Discuss:

  • how you assessed culture to determine your approach
  • the methods you used to activate your influence
  • obstacles you faced and lessons learned
 What skills do you believe are important for effectively communicating a message to a variety of audiences to spur action, and why? Describe how you’ve applied those skills and other strategies to build and sustain relationships with peers and/or decision-makers. 
Describe a current challenge to education in your school, Complex Area or state. Related to your experience and/or desired change, discuss:
  • how you identified the challenge
  • solutions you have offered or would propose
  • others you’ve involved or may include in addressing the challenge