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Kentucky State Teacher Fellowship Application Details
Application open January 16 - February 10

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Download this information as a PDF: Kentucky State Teacher Fellowship

View the 1/9 Information Session:

See also the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and email fellowship AT hopestreetgroup DOT org.

This application includes 5 required components:

  1. Personal/Background Information
  2. Availability to attend the orientation June 15-16, 2017
  3. Narrative Questions - Applicants will prepare responses to three questions about their qualifications for the fellowship (see below for questions)
  4. Resume
  5. Expression of Support from your school or district administrator for participation in the program (requested, and completed via checkbox, in application)
Describe a time you showed influence among your peers and how this experience contributed to your professional growth and/or that of your school or community. Discuss:
  • how you assessed culture to determine your approach
  • the methods you used to activate your influence
  • obstacles you faced and lessons learned
What skills do you believe are important for effectively communicating a message to a variety of audiences to spur action, and why? Describe how you’ve applied those skills and other strategies to build and sustain relationships with peers and/or decision-makers.
Describe a current challenge to education in your school, district or state. Related to your experience and/or desired change, discuss:
  • how you identified the challenge
  • solutions you have offered or would propose
  • others you’ve involved or may include in addressing the challenge
Teacher Fellow Expectations
 Include, but are not limited to:
  • Building and establishing a network of teachers in order to initiate, moderate, and analyze online and in-person discussions about education issues to develop policy recommendations
  • Share knowledge and resources broadly with their teacher network and appropriate stakeholders
  • Actively participate in the data collection process, including hosting and moderating focus groups of their peers
  • Act as an ambassador of Hope Street Group’s education mission to elevate the teaching profession through innovative policy solutions created at the classroom level by Fellows and their peers and communicated directly to policymakers.
  • Serve as a local facilitator and spokesperson for teachers’ ideas and perspectives, including writing for media (at least two articles, letters to the editor, blogs and/or op-eds published per year)
  • Create and cultivate relationships with policymakers to help them better understand teacher views and to present teacher-generated solutions on key state education policy issues; and
  • Collaborate with Hope Street Group Teacher Fellows in other states to develop strategies to encourage and expand teacher involvement in policy and advocacy activities in their respective states.
The ideal candidates:
  • Are current public school teachers or instructional coaches with a demonstrated record of excellence;
  • Possess the willingness to develop strong leadership and communication/relational skills;
  • Take initiative and exhibit a solutions-oriented mindset;
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn and collaborate with others;
  • Exhibit a desire to learn about and contribute to education policy conversations taking place on the local/state/federal level;
  • Demonstrate the willingness to analyze, synthesize and communicate complex public policy issues to their peers and the community; and
  • Have support from their school and/or district administrators to participate.

In addition to their full-time teaching positions, State Teacher Fellows work approximately 10-15 hours a month for 12 months (typically with the option to extend to a second year) and receive a stipend of $3,000 for their time. State Teacher Fellows are also given 2-3 opportunities to travel throughout the year to serve as teacher representatives at state and national events.